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Services Offered

PA-REO INC. has a team of contractors that provide a full array of REO services from cradle to grave. Services include:


• Broker Price Opinions- exterior and interior
• Property inspections
• Property preservation and securing

Occupancy Reporting
Within 24 hours of receiving fax or e-mail instruction and authorization:

• If occupied- determine if occupants plan on vacating
• Client will be provided with names of occupants and their living
• If vacant- property is secured and rekeyed

Eviction Proceedings
For Vacant properties:

• Property is secured and rekeyed
• Utilities are transferred into the Broker’s name if requested (electric, gas, water/sewer, etc.)
• Water/sewer and other liens are investigated and cleared per client instruction

For Occupied properties:

• Negotiate cash for keys per client instruction
• Coordinate eviction with foreclosure attorney, sheriff, movers, etc.
• Attend eviction as client’s delegate

Initial Inspection Report/Broker’s Price Opinion

• Complete preliminary comprehensive property inspection upon eviction or vacancy of property

Within 5 days, if Vacant:

• Complete a Broker’s Price Opinion and Initial Inspection Report with interior & exterior photos
• Home Owners Association or Condominium Information will be provided to the client
• BPO’s are updated as requested by client

Within 5 days, if Occupied:

• If occupant permits entry, client will be provided with an interior BPO & Initial Inspection Report
• Communicate to client occupants’ willingness to permit entry for Client Independent Appraiser, as applicable
• Home Owners Association or Condominium Information will be provided to the client

Asset Preservation/Repair Bids
Asset Preservation:

• Secure and/or board-up property to FHA standards
• Interior and exterior debris removal
• Winterization/De-winterization
• Initial and ongoing lawn maintenance
• Snow removal
• Activate systems


• Recommend a list of repairs
• Solicitation of bids
• Ongoing monitoring of repairs
• Review of invoices
• Notification provided to the client upon satisfactory completion of work

Marketing the Property
Upon receipt of Signed Listing Agreement:

• Signage is placed at the property
• Property information is entered into the Multiple Listing Services
• Property information placed on broker website

Ongoing monthly services:

• Property condition inspections
• Showing and prospect comments
• Marketing updates
• Invoices sent to client for reimbursements

Sales Agreement and Closing Procedure

• Overnight original final Contract of Sale to client
• Weekly updates on properties under contract
• Closing progress updates

Brokers Price Opinions
Drive-By/Interior Inspections

• BPO’s are completed to client standards on their form or website along with digital photos
• Due dates and client deadlines are essential and rush orders are accepted
• Drive-by BPO’s with a minimum of three photos; uploaded per client specs
• Interior BPO’s with a minimum of twenty-four photos; uploaded per client specs
• Tax record search and findings included with BPO.
• Inclusion of 3+ recently sold properties and 3+ listing Comparables with photos
• When requested, occupant contact will be made. If possible, names of occupants, phone numbers, lease information (if applicable) and interior inspection findings (when permitted) will be provided